What Do I Do When I Go Out Of Town?


2 Local Gals’ Home Watch Checklist

We all want the peace of mind of knowing that our home is safe while we’re away. Homes can be susceptible to burglary, especially when the occupants leave for an extended period of time.

2 Local Gals can help ease your mind by providing a number of services while you’re gone, so that the safety and maintenance of your home is never compromised.

Here are some examples of the things we can do for you:

  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Check the exterior and interior for problems or vandalism
  • Take garbage cans out to the curb
  • Inspect doors and windows for signs of tampering
  • Water your plants

These are just some examples in the vast array of services we can provide during your absence. We will meet with you beforehand to put together a detailed, personalized checklist of items you’d like us to keep an eye on. While you’re gone, we’ll provide you with updates via our home-watch software system, so you can see for yourself any issues that arise.

See the infographic below for a detailed explanation of our offerings.

Going Out of Town Checklist Infographic

Ever worry about what’s happening to your home when you’re away for an extended period?

  • Unoccupied homes are prime targets for burglars and vandals.
  • The longer a home goes unoccupied, the more likely it is to be targeted.
  • Unoccupied homes are also at risk for damage from roof leaks, pipe bursts, and other similar types of damage.

While you’re away, we’ll visit your home on your chosen schedule – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. – and update the checklist report electronically through the QRIDit Home Watch Software System.

  • The system tracks inspectors via GPS while they’re on your property and automatically posts a report to your account after each inspection.
  • We’ll also post photos of any issues we find, such as water damage, vandalism, or any other concern.
  • You can view reports at any time by logging into our website.

2 Local Gals’ home watch service helps people keep their peace of mind when they’re away from home.

Here’s an Example of One of Our Comprehensive Home Watch Checklists:

  • Home Exterior
    • Pick up papers from the driveway.
    • Pick up any mail or packages and put them inside.
    • Do an external walk around the home; check doors, screens, and windows to make sure they’re secure.
    • Check roof, chimney, and gutters for any obvious problems.
    • Look for signs of vandalism.
    • Look for any insect or rodent issues.
    • Check that garage is closed and secure.
    • Do you need us to bring your garbage cans in/out from the curb? If yes, what is your garbage day?
  • Yard
    • Check patio and/or furniture.
    • Check that faucets and hoses are turned off.
    • Check for evidence of unauthorized entry, vandalism, and weather-related problems (fallen branches, displaced patio furniture, etc.).
  • The Interior
    • Check alarm system.
    • Do you want your plants watered? If yes, how often?
    • Check for mold or unusual odors.
    • Check that all lights are working.
    • Walk through the inside of the home, making sure all doors and windows are secured.
    • Run all faucets, showers, garbage disposals, and flush toilets, checking for any leaks.
    • Do a visual inspection of ceilings and walls to ensure there are no active leaks.
    • Check for evidence of rodents or insects.
    • Check A/C and/or  heater to ensure they are set to the correct temperature. What temperature should they be set at?
    • Check breaker box for any tripped breakers. Where is breaker box located?
    • Check that smoke detectors are working.
    • Check all furniture for damage.
    • Check that refrigerator is working correctly.


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