How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

Your home should give you a sense of pride. Unexpected visitors shouldn’t be a source of stress or panic. You should feel comfortable knowing that your home is always clean and ready to host guests at any given time, whether they’re planned or popping by.

But how do you keep up with the constant cleaning and upkeep that your home requires to stay in tip-top shape? The time to maintain your home on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Eventually, some tasks end up on the back burner.

Unfortunately, the windows and carpet in your home are two of the most demanding problem areas. They are also two of the toughest surfaces to keep impeccably clean. Many times, they are overlooked, allowing dirt and grime to build up over time.

Don’t worry though. 2 Local Gals can help! We can deep clean your carpet to bring a fresh new life to your home. We can also make sure your windows are clean, shiny, and a welcome sight.

We also have some great strategies and tips to keep your windows and carpet clean in between our visits. It is possible, even easy, to have floors and windows you can be proud of. Together, we will make sure your home is looking and feeling its very best.

Window Cleaning Services

Your windows provide you with your view of the outside world. Don’t dull your view with built-up dirt and grime. Our window cleaning services can rid your windows of this frustrating problem, giving you bright, new, unobstructed views of the great outdoors.

Window panes can be tough to get perfectly cleaned. Even when you try to eliminate all of the dirt and dust, you can be left with frustrating streaks. Our experts have spent years perfecting their technique to create shiny, streak-free glass surfaces.


Large windows can be impossible, even dangerous, to clean. After years of exposure to the elements and suffering from built-up debris, they can even let less sunlight in. Removing these substances will brighten your space and leave you pleasantly surprised.


Our window cleaning services can not only clean the outside but also the inside of these tough to reach windows. Oversized and second-story windows can be impossible to clean safely without the right equipment. Plus, cleaning skylights come with its own set of challenges.


Our expert window cleaners are not only great at cleaning glass, they know how to navigate these circumstances safely. With the very best equipment and cleaners, they will buff your windows to a sparkling shine. Your whole space will seem brighter, cleaner, and refreshed.

Your window trim is likely full of cracks and crevices where dirt and grime love to hide. Our window cleaners can get these spots meticulously clean so you can have amazing, beautiful windows that you can be proud of.


Regular window cleaning will help keep your windows in great shape. It will improve your house’s curb appeal and give you a better view from the inside. Plus, you’ll enjoy the maximum amount of sunlight possible beaming into your home.


Keeping Your Windows Clean

How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

Keeping your windows clean between our visits can be made easy with a few simple strategies. This will allow you to enjoy your sparkling windows even longer. Inside and out, you can maintain stunning windows.


One of the best ways to keep the interior of your windows clean is to avoid them getting dirty to begin with. An overall cleaner home has less debris floating around that can settle and build up on the window surfaces.


Invest in an air purifier and change furnace filters regularly to keep dust at bay. Make sure registers are free of dust, especially ones that are located near windows. You might have to be more diligent about your efforts during certain times of the year or if you have pets in your home.

Avoid allowing other substances to build up on windows. Be mindful of splatters from cooking and discourage pets from being too close to the window glass. Place candles and oil diffusers away from window surfaces to prevent a greasy coating or smoke residue from accumulating on the glass.


A small smudge on your window is no cause for alarm. Keep a high-quality glass polishing cloth on hand to quickly buff it away. Or a quick spritz of glass cleaner and a squeegee are perfect for a quick touch up.


Regular cleaning of your home is a great way to make sure your windows stay clean. Schedule home cleaning service visits frequently enough that your home stays as dust and debris-free as possible.

The exterior of your windows can also suffer from their environment. Keep landscaping away from your windows to avoid pollen and dirt buildup. Trim trees and plant large foliage a good distance from your windows.


Again, if you see bird droppings or dead insects on your window, remove them quickly to keep a tidy appearance. Grab your window cleaning toolkit and remove them, keeping the exterior of your windows cleaner for longer.


When to Have Your Windows Cleaned

When is the best time to have your windows clean? The short answer is…any! However, there are some key times that are especially helpful.

Spring is an awesome time to have your windows cleaned. It’s also a great opportunity to remove pollen and pollutants. You’ll be happy to open your fresh clean windows to let the breeze in.

Summer and fall are another ideal time to remove the tree sap and pollen that’s likely accumulated on your windows. Plus, they will be bright and shiny for summer get-togethers and fall festivities.

After any major project is another ideal time. Everything from a kitchen remodel to installing new flooring can kick up a ton of dust. It might be obvious to clean surfaces like floors and shelving after this process. However, it’s likely that a lot of dust has settled on your windows, warranting a good cleaning.

If you have a major weather event in your area, it might be a wise move to have your windows inspected, then cleaned after. High winds and heavy rains can generate a lot
of dust and mold. Have these substances removed from your glass surfaces with a good cleaning.

How Our Window Cleaning Service Works

How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

First, you’ll let us know exactly what type, height, and the number of windows that you need to be cleaned. Luckily, our teams are experienced in working with all kinds of glass surfaces like:

  • Skylights
  • Two-story or second-story windows
  • Oversized windows
  • Large mirrors
  • Glass doors

With convenient appointment times, we’ll schedule your window cleaning when it’s best for you. Your knowledgeable window cleaner will arrive promptly with everything they need to get their job done safely and successfully. You’ll have minimal interruption to your day as they work quietly and efficiently.

Carpet Cleaning Services

How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

Keeping the carpet clean is another challenge many face. Between foot traffic, kids, and pets, the inevitable spill or accident can be impossible to prevent. Even just daily wear and tear can add up to wreak some major havoc on your soft flooring.

However, a
deep cleaning carpet service can revitalize your rugs and leave your whole home looking and smelling fresher. With commercial cleaning equipment and expert techniques, 2 Local Gals carpet cleaning technicians reach deep into the carpet fibers. Even the most stubborn stains and debris are removed for an amazing outcome.

We know you love your four-legged family members. However, we also know that you don’t love the impact they can have on your carpet. Let us erase that problem so you can let your furry family member enjoy your carpets without worry.

Regular vacuuming simply can’t remove all of the stubborn pet hair that settles deep into the carpet. Plus, pet odor can be frustrating and embarrassing. Our special pet treatment removes these lingering smells so you can have carpet that you can be proud of.

Carpet cleaning can also help keep your family members healthier. Dust mites are one
of the most common allergens. The high-temperature carpet cleaning machines can effectively remove these pesky irritants.

Pollen can also make its way into your home via shoes, pets, or even open windows. It then settles into the carpet, causing problems for allergy and asthma sufferers. Carpet cleaning can remove these particles, allowing everyone to breathe much more easily.

Having your carpet cleaned regularly also extends the life of it. You should think of having your carpet professionally cleaned as a long-term investment. It removes damaging substances and refreshes the delicate fibers, keeping your carpet looking and feeling great for much longer.

Keeping Carpet Clean

How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

Keeping your carpet clean can also help it look its best. Invest in a great vacuum for regular cleanings. You’ll also want to take a few steps to make cleaning your carpet easier.

A good vacuum can ensure that you are removing the maximum amount of dust and debris possible between cleanings. Look for one with a HEPA filter and multiple attachments. This keeps the dust in the vacuum and allows you to get into tough corners and other hard to reach places. You can also look for a vacuum that handles multiple types of flooring if you have a combination of surfaces to clean.

Keeping your vacuum well-maintained allows it to do its best work. Clean the filters and empty the tank following your manufacturers’ directions to a tee. Make sure to check your vacuum regularly for clogs and cracks in the hoses.

How you vacuum can be just as important as the machine itself. Take your time when vacuuming. Make sure to use hoses to clean along baseboards and in corners. Move slowly so the vacuum brush has time to loosen and suck up debris. Overlapping stripes ensure that you don’t miss any spots. And don’t forget to hit dust magnets like under the beds and behind furniture!

A firm no shoe rule is another easy way to keep carpet clean. This not only keeps dirt out but can prevent
some pretty nasty bacteria from entering your space. Being consistent about shoe removal will make it an instinctive habit in no time.

Have stations to store footwear at entryways to your home to serve as reminders to take off shoes. A bench or stool makes putting shoes on much easier. A fun sign or lighthearted way to communicate your rule to guests makes welcoming them stress-free. Order some fun slippers or skidded socks to incentivize your kiddo to follow the rule.

It’s impossible to vacuum well with stuff all over your floor. Make sure to remove as many items as possible to make vacuuming an easier chore. This will allow you not only to clean more thoroughly. It will also eliminate other items that collect dust that could eventually end up embedded in your carpet.

Piles of books, magazines, and paperwork often find a place on the office floor or under the coffee table. Why not hire
an organizing service to help you get these items up and away? This will give you an obstacle-free zone to vacuum. Plus, you’ll just feel better not looking at all that stuff.

When to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Sometimes cleaning your carpet is necessary before or after a move. It’s often part of every host or hostess’s holiday prep plan. However, routine carpet cleaning is also essential.

We are happy to get your home ready to go on the market. Flooring is one of the most important features of your home. Having fresh and clean carpet can appeal to potential home buyers and add to the overall cleanliness of a home.

Give us a call and we will be there to get your home ready for its pre-listing photo shoot. The crisp, clean carpets will stand out in images. Homebuyers will be tempted to schedule a tour of such an immaculate property.

We can also get your new home ready to move into. Don’t place your precious belongings over someone else’s dirt and dust. Schedule a carpet cleaning before you move in to give yourself a fresh, clean slate.

Prepping for guests is a ton of work. Let us take getting your floors ready off your plate. We’ll be happy to create pristine flooring that you can be proud of. Our carpet cleaning crew will deep clean your floors and get them as dry as possible so they are prepped and ready for your visitors.

Spring is another ideal time to have your carpet cleaned. You can finally open your windows and let your home air out after a long, cold winter. Refreshing your carpet will allow you to make the most of the fresh, spring air.

Are you scheduling a big trip or vacation? Pencil in a carpet cleaning as well. There’s something to be said about coming home to a fresh and clean home. Plus, when your carpet is cleaned while you are out of the house, you avoid any interruption to your day.

However, carpet cleaning shouldn’t be reserved for a special occasion. A regular schedule means that your flooring will always look its very best. Experts recommend getting your carpet cleaned
at least once a year.

So, for the health of your family as well as your carpet, make sure to schedule an annual cleaning. You’ll also likely have events in between that warrant an extra visit from your 2 Local Gals carpet cleaning team. Either way, you and your carpet will get the care you deserve.

How Our Carpet Cleaning Service Works

How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

Reach out and receive your estimate for your unique needs. Let us know what areas you need to be cleaned and if you have any special stains or pet odors that need to be removed. Then, we will work with you on choosing the best appointment time for your situation.

On the day of your carpet cleaning, your friendly technician will arrive on time and ready to get to work.

Your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned and brought back to life. The maximum amount of moisture will be removed from the carpet particles meaning your floors will be dry in no time!

Cleaning Your Office’s Windows and Carpet

Why should your house get all the cleaning love? You likely spend a lot of time at your office as well. Make sure it looks its best by having the windows and carpet professionally cleaned.

Curb appeal doesn’t just apply to the home. Your business or workplace should have an
awesome outward appearance as well. How else are you going to make an amazing first impression on all of those clients and customers?

Have your commercial building’s windows cleaned regularly to boost the appearance of its exterior. Dirty and grimy windows can make a building appear unkempt. Welcome your visitors with windows and glass doors that they can see themselves in.

Think about how many people enter your office. The no-shoe rule is also likely a no go for your workplace. Instead, regular carpet cleaning can keep the flooring in great shape.

Having your space consistently cleaned by an
office cleaning service is likely already a habit. Take it a step further and deep clean the windows and carpet regularly as well. Not only will the staff be thrilled by the results, but you’ll be putting your best face forward to all that enter.

2 Local Gals for Your Carpet and Window Cleaning Needs

How Window and Carpet Cleaning Can Refresh Your Home

2 Local Gals is proud to serve the many needs of all of our customers. Spaces large and small benefit from our experienced cleaning teams. The same can be true for your home or office’s windows and carpet.

Let us bring new life to your dull windows. Allow our window cleaning service to maintain your view and keep your exterior looking bright and welcoming. Our top-notch service allows your glass to shine to its fullest potential.

We are diligent about getting carpets meticulously clean and free of stains. Pet odor is no match for our experienced teams. We are happy to return regularly, keeping your family healthier, your carpet cleaned, and extending the life of your floors.

Our 24-hour service guarantee means that we know that you’ll be thrilled by your refreshed carpet and shining windows. If not, just let us know within 24 hours. We’ll come back out to you and make it right. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

With our custom quotes, you’ll only get what you pay for. This gives you the most bang for your buck and allows for completely personalized service.

We are proud of our team. Each has their own unique story and reason for being on a mission to create the cleanest surfaces around. You’ll benefit from their dedication and strong work ethics. Plus, they are super friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help your space look and feel its very best.

Over more than twenty years, 2 Local Gals has spent our time honing our cleaning craft. This is as true for our window and carpet cleaning services as well.

We would love to add you to our growing list of overjoyed window and carpet cleaning customers. We look forward to wowing you with the impressive fresh carpet and shiny new windows you’ve been dreaming of. Give us a call or visit us online today so we can give you an
absolutely free quote on refreshing your space.

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