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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Has your carpet seen better days? Are you embarrassed to host company because of your dirty floors? Do you want to create a fresher, healthier carpet surface for your family to relax on?

Over time, your carpet has likely built-up layers of dirt, grime, odors, and stains. These fibers withstand foot traffic, pets, and family life, leaving visible and frustrating evidence.

A thorough carpet cleaning can truly revive the look and feel of your carpet, transforming your home or office space. We clean all types of carpeting—from Berber to acrylic fiber to Saxony. We have developed methods to safely and thoroughly clean your carpet, leaving it looking, smelling, and feeling fresh.

Beyond aesthetics alone, professional carpet cleaning can significantly reduce allergens like dust mites and pollens that become trapped in carpet fibers over time. The power of steam can destroy germs and reduce pollutants buried deep within the carpet fibers.


Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Did you know that regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpet? Our gentle, yet thorough cleaning machines rid your carpet fibers of damaging lingering substances. This allows your carpet to last longer and look better long term.

It might be tempting to replace stained, worn down carpet. However, our carpet cleaning services can bring new life to it. We will rejuvenate your floors, freshening up the appearance of your whole space.

Day to day life takes a beating on your carpet. Spills and stains are inevitable. Regular visits from our carpet cleaning service in the Salt Lake Area can erase this evidence and keeps your carpet looking better for longer.

Specialized Service

Do you have worn in stubborn stains? Our expert teams are ready to tackle the toughest challenges. They will arrive at your home with everything they need to rid your carpet of even the most difficult stains.

Your furry friends are a part of your family. They can also leave a lasting mark on your home. Pet odors and stains can wreak havoc on your carpet. This frustrating and lingering smell can be embarrassing and tough to eliminate.

Our carpet cleaning teams are experts at ridding carpet of these persistent smells. They can rid your carpet of pet stains and leave it feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

When your carpet cleaning crew promptly arrives, they will greet you and get straight to work. Our efficient methods ensure the best possible clean with minimal interruption to your home or office environment. Our flexible scheduling allows you to choose an appointment time that is most convenient for you.

Over the years, we have developed a tried and true process for cleaning all types of carpet. Of course, we tailor the process to fit your unique needs. But there are some guidelines that each of our trustworthy carpet cleaners follows.


1. Pre-Estimate

Give us a call! We can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate over the phone based on the information you give us about the size and number of carpeted rooms you need to be cleaned.

At this time, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will go over the process and what to expect. We will also discuss any special needs or requests that you may have.

2. Pre-Vacuum

Your friendly carpet cleaners will arrive with commercial-grade vacuum units. They will thoroughly vacuum your carpet, reaching deep into the carpet fibers to remove any dry particles that are buried within.

Using the proper attachment tools, they will ensure that your carpet is meticulously vacuumed from wall to wall. The corners and areas near baseboards will be given special attention to ensure that no stubborn particles remain.

3. Cleaning

Your expert carpet cleaner will perform a thorough steam cleaning with a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly solution. Using a high-grade, carpet cleaning machine, they will destroy stains and reach deep into the carpet to remove build-up and grime.

4. Pet Neutralizer

Our top of the line pet neutralizers can get rid of those nasty pet odors. We will apply these neutralizers as needed, leaving you with clean, odor-free carpeting.

5. Wrapping Up

We will leave your home after ensuring you are satisfied with the service. Your carpet will soon dry, revealing fresh and clean floors that you can be proud of.

Why 2 Local Gals

2 Local Gals provides both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services for single-family homes, apartment buildings, and small to medium-size office buildings. We are locally-owned and operated, and carry full liability insurance to protect our clients.

Our business values our customers and we are truly committed to their satisfaction. We are proud to serve local companies and residents to meet all of their cleaning needs. Our employees strive for excellence, amazing customer service, and completing each job with the highest quality.

Our business began in 1999 as two single moms, looking to use their determination and strong work ethics to create clean homes and work environments. Since then, 2 Local Gals has grown to a busy locally-owned business employing over forty staff members, each committed to greatness and high standards.

We believe that our history and strong work ethic is what sets us apart as a business. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide our customers with top-notch service, every time. We would love to make you our next overjoyed customer as we care for your home and office as if it were our very own.

Our Promise to You

Our service guarantee can give you the confidence that we will do the very best work, leaving you with a spotless space after every visit. This covers our carpet cleaning services, as well as the other menu of options we offer.

If there is ever an issue with your carpet cleaning service, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll make it right. We won’t rest until we have provided you with excellent service that exceeds your expectations.

Get Your Free Quote

Call on the pros at 2 Local Gals for carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City, Provo, Lehi, Ogden, and surrounding communities. We would be happy to serve you and your carpet cleaning needs.

2 Local Gals is a one-stop-shop for all of your home or workplace needs. We provide top-notch office cleaning and house cleaning services. Dirty windows? Our window cleaning experts are happy to bring them back to life inside and out. We can also help you get your belongings in order with our professional organization service.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your unique set of needs. We would love to explain how we will bring new life to your carpet! We can also provide you with a free, reasonable quote online! We look forward to serving you!

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