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Project Description


Taking a much-needed vacation or traveling to a new location are some of the best ways to unplug and recharge. However, all of the prep and worries that go into leaving your home vulnerable can be exhausting.

Don’t let the stress of worrying about your home and property ruin your relaxation and carefree time away. At 2 Local Gals, we’ve got your back so you can truly unwind and enjoy your trip. Let us give you the peace of mind that your home and property are safe and secure.

2 Local Gals in the St. George area is happy to provide quality Home Watch services while you’re away. Whether you’re gone for a few days or a few months, we’ll care for your property in your absence. We’re happy to stop by and check-in as often as you like— Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly.


Why Having Your Home Watched is Important

Unoccupied homes are prime targets for burglars and vandals. These criminals note signs that homeowners are away like full mailboxes and unattended trash cans. This evidence of absence can leave your home more likely to fall victim to crime.

We are knowledgeable and have the expertise to give your home the appearance of constant presence. Your 2 Local Gals Home Watch team can make sure lights are switched on for the evening and packages aren’t left waiting on the porch. We can also water plants, grab the mail, and more.

Few things are as frustrating as arriving home from an amazing trip to find damage or destruction at your home. Small, undetected problems can turn into huge issues in your absence. Our home watch teams can make sure these small issues are noticed and corrected before they cause significant damage.

We will make sure everything in and around your home is in good working order. Your 2 Local Gals home watchers can check both the exterior and the interior of your property for signs of any issues.

Outside, we can make sure hoses are off and gutters are draining properly. Our team will make sure any rodents or insects aren’t finding their way into your home to take up temporary residence. If we experience a weather event in your absence, we’ll check your property for fallen branches, downed trees, and broken windows.

The inside of your home will also be kept safe and secure by your home watch crew. We will make sure your alarm system is set and the lights are turned on to your specifications. Your smoke detectors and sump pump can also be double-checked to avoid a potential disaster.

Caring For Your Home

At 2 Local Gals, we’ll take excellent care of your home as if it was our very own. We will respect your space and avoid any areas you indicate as off-limits. We want you to enjoy your time away and be confident that your property is safe and secure under our care.

Arriving home to an unfortunate surprise is no way to end a vacation. We want you to arrive home to find things just the way you left them. We can water your plants and make sure your refrigerator and freezer are working properly. Just let us know what we can do to put your mind at ease while you’re away from your home and your belongings.

Our business thrives on the satisfaction of our customers and we want you to be happy each and every time. Have any special requests? Just let us know! We are here to take great care of your home so you can fully enjoy your time away!

Our Home Watch Service Process

Here’s how our home watch service works: We discuss your home and create a detailed list that highlights everything we do at your property along with the date and time we were there.

Here’s an example of our home inspection list (you’ll indicate which items you need to be done each time from the following list):

Home Exterior:

  • Pick up papers from the driveway.
  • Pick up any mail, packages, or door hangers and put them inside.
  • Do an external walk around your home to check doors, screens, and windows to make sure they are secure.
  • Check roof, chimney, gutters, and downspouts to make sure there aren’t any obvious problems.
  • Look for any signs of vandalism.
  • Look around for any insect or rodent issues.
  • Ensure the garage is closed and secure.
  • Do you need us to bring your garbage can(s) in/out from the curb
    –  If yes, what is your garbage day?


  • Check patio and/or furniture.
  • Check that faucets/hoses are turned off.
  • Check for evidence of unauthorized entry, vandalism, and weather-related problems, such as fallen branches, displaced patio furniture, etc.

Home Interior:

  • Check alarm system
  • Do you want your plants watered?
  • If yes, how often?
  • Check for mold or unusual odors.
  • Check that all lights are working.
  • Walk through the inside of the home, making sure all doors and windows are secure.
  • Run all faucets, showers, garbage disposal, and flush toilets, checking for any leaks.
  • Do a visual inspection of ceilings and walls to ensure there are no active leaks.
  • Look around for evidence of insects or rodents.
  • Check a/c and/or heater to ensure it is set for the correct temperature.
  • At what temperature should it be set?
  • Check the breaker box for any tripped breakers.
  • Where is the breaker box located?
  • Check to see that smoke detectors are working.
  • Check all furniture for damage.
  • Check to see that refrigerator is working correctly.

Arriving Home to A Pristine House

Not only is it important that your home is kept safe and secure while you are gone, arriving home to a pristine house is the perfect way to end your trip. Luckily, 2 Local Gals is your one-stop-shop for all of your home care needs.

Our home cleaning crews will be happy to keep your home clean in your absence. These experienced teams are experts in removing dust and tackling grime. You’ll come back to a neat and tidy space that looks, smells, and feels fresh and clean.

Don’t let deep cleaning projects interrupt your daily life. While you are away is the perfect time to have these more extensive cleaning tasks taken care of. Our window cleaning crews would be thrilled to clean your windows to a streak-free shine that you’ll love returning home to. The 2 Local Gals carpet cleaning services can visit while you are away so you’ll be greeted with thoroughly cleaned, refreshed, and dry carpets!

Arriving home to the same clutter you left can be daunting. That’s where our home organization service comes in! We can get your storage space in order so it’s ready for you to easily put your belongings away when you get back.

Why 2 Local Gals

2 Local Gals would be honored to provide you with our services. From taking care of your home to cleaning your workplace, serving our customers is what we do best. Your trust and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us!

Since 1999, when 2 Local Gals started as a small business of two single moms, we have been growing and thriving. We know that our success is in large part due to our loyal customer base. These satisfied clients and their repeat business are what have allowed us to hire over forty crew members that share the same work ethic that we started our company with.

Founded on trust and dependability, our ethics and responsible focus make 2 Local Gals a great choice for all of your home watching needs. We know what it takes to maintain and run a household and that doesn’t stop while you’re away. Our crew would be thrilled to keep your family’s home safe and secure in your absence.

Truly Valuable Service

We are excited to show you how truly valuable our services are. Not only do they save you time and stress, but they can also give you the freedom to take back your evenings and weekends.

Our Home Watch Service is an investment in truly enjoying your time away. It gives you the chance to relax and put your mind at ease. With our home watchers checking in on your property, you may even avoid a costly disaster. Plus, with our fair pricing, your home watch service will be money well spent.

We want to make you our newest satisfied client. Request a free quote or give us a call so we can discuss how our services can meet you and your family’s needs!

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Burglars, vandals, and squatters routinely patrol neighborhoods looking for vacant or unoccupied homes. A long term house sitter can deter intruders simply by being there, turning lights on, and giving your home a “lived in” look.


If a pipe bursts or the roof leaks while you’re gone, you could come home to a disastrous and expensive mess. We monitor your home to ensure that your systems are running properly and your home is secure. It’s easy to overlook just how much goes into maintaining a home—from watering plants to putting out the garbage to temperature control. Our house sitters can handle all of these routine but important tasks while you’re gone.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important aspect of home guard services is the peace of mind it provides. Whether you’re away on business, vacation, or taking care of personal or family matters, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is secure. Our service lets you focus on your priorities.


Rely on our dedicated cleaning services to provide you with the spotless home or office you deserve at an affordable price. If you need Home Organization or Office Cleaning, you can count on our years of experience to get the job done right.

Our team is happy to provide free phone estimates before each and every one of our cleaning services. Additionally, since we charge by the hour instead of charging a flat rate for all cleaning services, it allows us to perform home organizing and office cleaning of all sizes without charging too much or too little.

Call or email us today to get a free quote.

We’ll work with you to create a customized house cleaning schedule that suits your needs.


From basement clutter to the kitchen pantry, we can bring organized harmony to any space.


If you need your office cleaning to be done to your specifications, look no further than our team of professionals.


We’ve got window washing down to a science. From residential to commercial, internal and external.


We provide residential and commercial carpet cleaning for many different types of clients.


We understand how frustrating it can be to find the right housekeeping company for your unique situation. That’s why we made it easy.





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