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If you need your Office Cleaning to be done on time, within budget and to your specifications, look no further than our first-class team of professional commercial cleaners. No matter how big or small your office space is, your 2 Local Gals Cleaning Crew is committed to making it the cleanest and brightest workplace possible. 

We know that having a clean workplace has many benefits. It’s important to show both your customers and employees that you take pride in your space. Your cleaning crew will treat your office with the most thorough care to make it stunningly clean.

The Importance of A Clean Office

Having a clean office is important for a number of reasons. Clean space allows employees to work more efficiently. Cleanliness also makes for a healthier space. Plus, having a clean office shows customers and clients that you take pride in your business. 

Cleanliness for Improved Productivity

Having a clean and harmonious workplace can make employees more productive. When they are undistracted by dirt and dust, they simply work better. Having a clean space can make employees feel better about their environment and improve the quality of their work. 

Our 2 Local Gals cleaning crew will keep your office in pristine shape so employees can focus on their jobs. We will ensure all areas of the office, including common spaces and restrooms, are meticulously clean. This clean environment can lead to an improved overall feel of the space and boost the workplace culture. 

Creating a Healthier Workplace

It’s essential to make sure your workplace is a healthy environment. With so many employees interacting in one space, it’s important that the area is cleaned deeply and thoroughly. Your 2 Local Gals office cleaning crew are experts at disinfecting to remove harmful germs. 

Our crews have extremely high attention to detail. They will ensure that every surface in your office is thoroughly disinfected. They pay very close attention to high touch surfaces like light switches and doorknobs. 

Office bathrooms and break rooms can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Your cleaning crew will disinfect these places, making them safer environments for your employees. Your customers will also appreciate visiting a clean, sanitized space. Your cleaner office can also lead to healthier employees and fewer sick days

Clean Offices for Visitors

Having visitors to your offices shouldn’t be embarrassing. Hosting meetings shouldn’t be stressful because of unclean conference rooms. Your 2 Local Gals cleaning crew will keep your office in visitor-ready condition.

We will make sure your office gives visitors a great first impression. Your cleaning crew will ensure that your lobby is immaculate and your windows are cleaned to a streak-free shine. When customers walk in your doors, they will see and feel the care that you put into maintaining a clean office.

Did a big meeting suddenly pop onto the calendar? 2 Local Gals has you covered! Even if the event is not near your regularly scheduled clean.

Our Promise and Procedure

2 Local Gals strongly values and respects our customers. We know that every office has different needs and requirements. We promise to abide by any preferences that you may have. 

Your friendly team will enter your office quickly and quietly. We will work in ways that provide minimal interruption to the work environment. Cleaning efficiently, we will be in and out before you know it, leaving nothing but a spotless office space. 

We know that many workplaces contain sensitive information. Our teams are trained to exercise the utmost discretion. You can be confident that no proprietary information will ever leave your office by way of your cleaning crew. 

Sometimes certain areas may not be accessible to your cleaning crew due to privacy issues. Simply let us know and we will be sure to avoid the areas that you request. Your wishes will always be honored by your cleaning crew.

A Custom Salt Lake City Clean

We want your cleaning service to be as unique as your office environment. We know that many people have preferences with regard to how and when their workplace is cleaned. At 2 Local Gals, we are happy to provide a completely customized cleaning service, just for you! 

Let us know the best timing for your clean. Some offices prefer cleaning earlier in the week to prepare for the busy workweek. Others have more visitors on the weekend so they prefer a late-week cleaning. Our flexible scheduling means that we can clean your office on the best day for you. 

Some offices require cleaning at less busy times of the day. We are happy to accommodate these preferences and promptly arrive at the time that is most convenient for you.

High-traffic offices often require more frequent cleaning. Some offices have slow times where they don’t need to be cleaned as often. We can work with you to determine the frequency of our visits. At 2 Local Gals, you’ll only pay for the amount of cleaning that you need!

Our Guarantee to You

We want you to be thrilled with our visit, each and every time! We are constantly learning and improving our cleaning techniques. If you ever feel that there is an issue with the result of your cleaning crew’s visit, please let us know right away.

Let us know within 24 hours and we’ll make it right. We will make sure any problems are completely corrected before we leave. Your satisfaction is extremely important to our business! 

Get Your Free Quote

2 Local Gals is committed to providing top-notch service at fair and reasonable prices. We service offices of all sizes and provide pricing that reflects that. Our customers pay a customized price directly based on their specific needs. 

We would love to provide your office with a free quote. Give us a call today and we can discuss how 2 Local Gals will create a clean and fresh working environment for you and your employees!

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