“We are not just housekeepers, we also protect our customers assets and improve their lives.”


2 Local Gals was founded in May 1999 by, none other than, two local Salt Lake City gals. We started as a very small business and built from there. This allowed us to build a loyal customer base and establish ourselves in the Salt Lake area. We have since expanded even further and now have a franchise location in Austin, Texas.

“As single moms, we worked hard because we had to, but we had dreams of becoming much more.”

We know what it means to work hard for what you have because that is exactly how we got where we are today. Building our dreams into a business has not been easy, but it has been so rewarding. Thankfully, we have been able to take our hard work and good fortune to help others like us.

As 2 Local Gals Housekeeping grew we hired gals. Today, we provide work for more than 40 gals who enjoy House Cleaning and Janitorial Services.

The fact that we have been able to do a service for our community by cleaning as well as provide jobs is what we are proudest of. Everyone who works at 2 Local Gals has the same drive to work and do the best job possible. That is how we have managed to become a trusted cleaning service to our many customers.

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find the right housekeeping services for your needs. We’re here to help make the process a little easier on you. That is why if you need something cleaned you should CALL OUR TEAM TODAY.


We understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right housekeeping services for your needs. We’re here to help make the process a little easier on you.



Being locally owned and operated has made us many great friends. Businesses, as well as individuals, trust us to clean their homes and offices. This trust in our hard work and honest business practices is what has helped our business grow.

We care about our community and the people in it which is why we do business neighbor to neighbor. This ensures that most of our clients have a trusted referral and we get to continue working with the locals we love. Our long time clients give us great reviews and even the people we have only cleaned for once are pleased with our work.

We are very happy to be a local business that people can rely on. The trust and patronage of our customers is something we have worked hard to earn. Working locally and providing local jobs is one of the best things we do for the community.

Enjoy the spotless home or office you have always wanted with the specialists at 2 Local Gals Housekeeping. Know that you are working with a local small business that provides jobs to the locals who need them. We are part of your community and we are here to make sure you get the deep clean you need in your home or office.


We provide all the basic cleaning services that you expect from a cleaning service. In today’s busy world, there doesn’t seem to be any time to get the house in order. When you’ve been working long hours and your free time is spent running errands and fulfilling social obligations, the last thing you want to do when you come home is clean.

Our House Cleaning Service is what you need. When you hire us, we’ll work with you to create a customized schedule that suits your needs. This includes if you need a rushed cleaning job for an unexpected mess or unexpected guests.

We pride ourselves on being able to clean almost anything. Our team is well prepared to take on any mess. The team that is assigned to your home will:

  • Bring all of the cleaning supplies needed, or will use any special cleansers or cleaning devices you ask us to use.
  • Respect the off-limits areas of your home.
  • Prepare bedrooms for guests upon request.
  • Do laundry upon request and to your specifications.
  • Perform scheduled cleaning of seasonal rooms and linens.

2 Local Gals is fully licensed and insured and up to any job you throw at us. We are a trusted and well-known local business. There are plenty of references and reviews you can find on our website to show our good work and relationship with our clients.

Because we are a business that gets most of our clients by word of mouth, it is very important we do a great job. We count on reviews and recommendations to continue serving our clients. You can count on the same great cleaning that our customer reviews promise.

Your Privacy

It is important to us that our clients know we will respect their home and their things. This is why we put so much importance on avoiding rooms that are off-limits. It is important you know that you can trust the people you are letting into your home.

Our goal is to make sure you know that we will clean your home and respect your space. Cultivating a client base that trusts us is one of our main goals. That is why we take our hiring policies so seriously.

We pride ourselves on being an honest business that will not waste your time or money. This is why we offer a free quote to anybody who calls and asks for a price of services. We want you to know exactly what you can expect and the price of those services.

It is important to us that you know your home and belongings will be safe as we clean. Our hiring practices are very careful to ensure we are providing a trustworthy service to the community. Your privacy will not be infringed upon when you hire 2 Local Gals to clean.


Contact Us today by phone or email to get a free quote or to schedule an appointment. We are a cleaning service that you can trust and depend on. We get the job done right and we do it for a fair price.

We have two offices with regular hours every day of the week. Contact us at either of our offices for your free quote. We are always happy to help you find a cleaning plan that will work for you.




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Monday – Sunday
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