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Our House Cleaning Service at 2 Local Gals makes your life a little bit easier. Request your free quote today!


Our House Cleaning Service at 2 Local Gals is here to make your life a little bit easier. As one of the cornerstones of our business, we have honed our cleaning craft for many years now. We know that our house cleaning service in the salt lake area could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

There are tons of benefits you’ll get from hiring a cleaning service. At 2 Local Gals, we would love to show you how life-changing having your house professionally cleaned can be. Our affordable house cleaning service can even be completely customized to your needs and lifestyle.

Why Hire A Cleaning Service

Many of our customers never think they need a cleaning service before they give us a call. They saw it as an optional service that simply wasn’t worth the money. However, after their first visit, they were blown away. Now, they can’t imagine their lives without this valuable service. You’ll experience many benefits of hiring a cleaning service including:

  • Saving hours of your valuable time
  • Eliminating the need to buy shelves of cleaning supplies
  • Benefiting from the use of professional-level cleaning tools
  • Having your home expertly and thoroughly cleaned, every time
  • Reducing stress by being able to relax in a tidy environment
  • Confidence in knowing that you’re investing in a healthier home for your family
  • Taking the anxiety out of preparing for events or hosting guests

Why 2 Local Gals Housekeeping?

We adore and value our customers! At 2 Local Gals, we know that our success and growing business depends on your satisfaction. We are committed to making you happy with our service every single time!

Our History

As two single moms, we started this business in May of 1999. Our mission was to spread our hard work and dedication to becoming the most meticulously thorough house cleaning service in the Salt Lake Area. Over the years, we’ve learned the best practices and methods of cleaning homes all over Utah.

We’ve grown over the last few decades and have added several house cleaning crews with the same commitment to cleaning excellence. We are grateful for our customers and the opportunities that they have given our company. As we grow into the future, we are excited to add more and more satisfied customers to our list!

Our Guarantee

Our promise to you is that you will love our house cleaning service each time we visit. We will treat your home as our own and get it as clean as possible each and every time. Taking your preferences into account, we will clean your house exactly as you like.

Our 2 Local Gals cleaning crews are constantly learning and evolving. If there is ever a problem with your service, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll make it right.


In today’s busy world, there doesn’t seem to be any time to get the house in order. When you’ve been working long hours and your free time is spent running errands and fulfilling social obligations, the last thing you want to do when you come home is clean. Often, cleaning gets pushed to the evenings and weekends when you should be enjoying your free time.

Our House Cleaning Service is what you need to get your valuable time back. When you hire us, we’ll work with you to create a customized schedule that suits your needs. We will also discuss your preferences for a clean that’s perfect for you.

Flexible Scheduling

Our flexible scheduling process allows us to create a plan that’s customized to your unique needs. We can work with you to decide the frequency of our visits. We will also help you decide on the time of the week for your cleaning appointments that best fit your needs.

We know that some homes are busier than others. At 2 Local Gals, you only pay for the number of services that you need. Plus, you pay by the hour, not by the job. We are happy to come to your home as often as you like to keep it in tip-top shape.

Some families prefer their homes to be cleaned later in the week to prepare for weekends full of hosting and visitors. Others prefer to start the week fresh with a clean earlier in the week. We will work with you and visit on the day of the week that is best for you and your lifestyle.

We know that entertaining can be exhausting. Give us a call and kick back and relax after your event. We will arrive with everything we need to get your home back into pre-party shape.

Customized Clean

2 Local Gals knows that everyone’s preferences are different. We want to make sure we clean your home exactly the way you like. Your cleaning crew will make sure to note your preferences and any changes you may have.

Your Cleaning Crew

Your friendly and experienced cleaning crew will arrive promptly for each of your services. They will make sure to work quietly to not interrupt your day. They will also ask if you have any special requests for your appointment. Requested additions to your house cleaning include:

  • Prepare guest bedrooms for visitors
  • Do laundry to your specifications
  • Clean seasonal rooms and linens

The licensed cleaning team that is assigned to your home will:

  • Bring all of the cleaning supplies needed
  • Treat your home with respect and care
  • Meticulously clean your entire home as thoroughly as possible
  • Respect the off-limits areas of your home

Cleaning service visits can include:

  • A top to bottom kitchen clean including appliances, countertops, and cabinetry
  • Thorough dusting of all surfaces, removing all objects to ensure no dust remains
  • Rigorous bathroom cleanings to remove even the most stubborn scum and grime
  • Expert window cleaning to create streak-free sparkling windows
  • Wall to wall vacuuming that gets deep into carpet fibers
  • Careful mopping in the most appropriate technique for your floor’s specific material

Get Your Free Quote

2 Local Gals is licensed, insured, and experienced. We have countless satisfied customers all over the state of Utah. We would love the chance to make you our next happy client!

When we visit your home, we make it look and feel its very best. Our house cleaning crews are excited to share their expertise to get your house into meticulous shape. Give us a call or email us today so we can give you a free quote and schedule your first house cleaning appointment.

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Our team is happy to provide free phone estimates before each and every one of our cleaning services. Additionally, since we charge by the hour instead of charging a flat rate for all cleaning services, it allows us to perform home organizing and office cleaning of all sizes without charging too much or too little.

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