How Can I Save Time Doing Housework?


Tips for Saving Time on Household Work

Between work and raising kids, taking the time to give your home the cleaning it needs can be tough. As modern lifestyles put more pressure on schedules and technology enables work to intrude into home life, finding ways to quickly and efficiently clean can help take some of the stress out of daily life.

Planning goes a long way toward reducing the amount of time spent on cleaning. Before getting started, identify your cleaning needs, gather the materials, and budget your time. By focusing on specific tasks and cleaning one room at a time, you can clean a bathroom, two bedrooms, the kitchen, and your living room in about an hour.

Women still pick up the biggest share of housecleaning duty. A recent study found that about 73 percent of working moms handle end-of-day cleaning chores. Finding ways to clean more efficiently will give these hard-working moms a little more time to rest after a busy day.

Save Time When Cleaning

Save Time Doing Household Work Infographic

Running low on time for some much needed housework? Studies show that women spend over 12,000 hours of their lifetime cleaning around the house — that’s one and a half years!

73% of working moms handle end-of-day housecleaning and pick up.

68% feel that their homes could be much cleaner.

This handy guide will show you how to get your home in order quickly so that you can spend more time enjoying life.

Clearning your house in 1 hour or less

  • Devise a plan
    • Identify which tasks require the most attention
    • Gather supplies for the areas you’ve committed to cleaning
    • Focus your energy on one room at a time

Complete the following tasks in the order specified to maximize time and efficiency.

Cleaning Kitchen/Dining Area (10 minutes)

  • Transfer any objects that need to be placed in cabinets, drawers, dishwasher, etc.
  • Run the dishwasher
  • Wipe down tables, countertops, and stove
  • Give the sink a quick scrub down
  • Mop the floor on your way out

Cleaning a Bedroom (10 minutes)

  • Strip bed linens and remake the bed with clean sheets
  • Pick up any clutter that appears out of place
  • Dust surfaces and decor around the room in a clockwise fashion
  • Spray and wipe the mirrors
  • Vacuum up dust that may have fallen onto the floor from earlier

Cleaning a Living Room (20 minutes)

  • De-clutter any strewn objects by moving them back to their proper place
  • Dust surfaces, knicknacks, and electronics, moving clockwise around the room
  • Wipe down the coffee table
  • Vacuum carpets and/or sweep hardwood floors

Cleaning a Bathroom (20 minutes)

  • Spray shower and toilet bowl with cleaner and allow it to settle
  • Cover counter surfaces with cleaner and scrub thoroughly
  • Spray and wipe the mirrors
  • Rinse cleaner from shower and toilet bowl
  • Replace old towels with fresh towels
  • Mop the floor on your way out

Quick Tips For Party Prep

Use dust wipes to remove any visible dust around the house.

Grab a trash bag and carry it around with you as you clean.

Replace toilet paper and towels in the bathroom.

Run the dishwasher and unload it before the party for easy after-party cleanup.

Use disposable disinfectant scrubs that don’t require elbow grease to wipe counters and surfaces.

Fluff pillows in the living quarters.

Pick up any toys or clutter lying around.

Open a window or use a light air freshener to remove any unwanted odors.

Mop and vacuum the floors.

Holiday Party Prep

Wipe down silverware, china, and any pots/pans with water spots or residue.

Wash table linens.

Line countertops with festive holiday linens or paper for easy cleanup.

Clear out a closet for guests to hang their coats.

Clean the fireplace.

Freshen up the air with holiday candles or potpourri.

More Time-Saving Tips

Invest in disposable wipes and scrubs.

Put on some energizing music to give you a little boost.

Wear comfy clothes that provide ease of movement.

Work your way from one side of the house to the other.

Store all of your cleaning supplies in a caddy or bucket.

Carry a hamper around or designate a space for piling dirty linens to throw into the laundry after cleaning.

Always prioritize dusting first and mopping/vacuuming last.

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