How Can I Save Time Doing Housework?

/How Can I Save Time Doing Housework?

How Can I Save Time Doing Housework?

Tips for Saving Time on Household Work

Between work and raising kids, taking the time to give your home the cleaning it needs can be tough. As modern lifestyles put more pressure on schedules and technology enables work to intrude into home life, finding ways to quickly and efficiently clean can help take some of the stress out of daily life.

Planning goes a long way toward reducing the amount of time spent on cleaning. Before getting started, identify your cleaning needs, gather the materials, and budget your time. By focusing on specific tasks and cleaning one room at a time, you can clean a bathroom, two bedrooms, the kitchen, and your living room in about an hour.

Women still pick up the biggest share of housecleaning duty. A recent study found that about 73 percent of working moms handle end-of-day cleaning chores. Finding ways to clean more efficiently will give these hard-working moms a little more time to rest after a busy day.

Save Time Doing Household Work Infographic

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