Kitchen Cleaning: The Definitive Guide, How We Do It In The Salt Lake Area

Trying to maintain a picture-perfect home can be overwhelming. Laundry piles up and clutter seems to accumulate everywhere. Keeping it all clean and in order can be a significant time investment. One of the more time-consuming areas to clean is usually the kitchen.


Your kitchen is likely the epicenter of your busy home. It’s often where your family gathers to regroup after a long, busy day. From messy meal prep to completing homework, your kitchen is used constantly with tons of traffic in and out. From dawn till dusk it’s usually a room bustling with activity. 


All of this business can make a kitchen get dirty before you know it. Counters quickly become cluttered with stacks of mail and piles of school papers. Dirty dishes are filling the sink and old leftovers are sitting in the fridge. Keeping up with a clean kitchen can lead to an overwhelming amount of stress and frustration. 


However, it is possible to have the sparkling clean kitchen that you dream of. You won’t feel a surge of panic when guests pop by. Instead, you’ll be proud to invite them in for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. You can relax in the evenings knowing that your kitchen is tidy and ready for the next day. 


Maintaining a clean kitchen is only possible with a balanced combination of upkeep and a deep cleaning schedule. There are things you should do every day to make sure your kitchen stays neat. However, there are bigger tasks that should be performed less often to make sure your kitchen is spotless in all areas, seen and unseen. 

Regular Daily Kitchen Cleaning

It may be tempting to plop on the couch in the evening after running errands and preparing dinner. Cleaning up the kitchen feels like it’s the last thing you want to do. However, you’ll likely be filled with regret when you’re welcomed with a filthy kitchen when you go for your morning coffee.


Take some time to clean up your kitchen each night as we do it here in Salt Lake City, and you’ll thank yourself for it. A nightly routine doesn’t have to take a ton of time. Plus, after a week or two, it will become second nature. You’ll notice that you seamlessly transition from dinner to clean up in no time.


Each evening, make sure all of the dinner time dishes are rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher. This is a great chore for children to help out with. If full, run the dishwasher so you’ll have clean dishes in the morning. You may even be able to set it to run while you’re sleeping so it doesn’t disrupt evening showers or television watching. 


Thoroughly wash all of the pots and pans you’ve used for meal prep. Trying to do this as soon as possible after cooking will help to avoid stubborn stuck-on food. It’s helpful to invest in a drying mat or simply use a towel to wipe them dry. 


Remove the day’s clutter from your countertops and kitchen table. Take a few minutes to go through mail and school papers and file them or throw them away. This is much more manageable than allowing to pile up until it’s a daunting undertaking to sort through it all.


Thoroughly wipe down all countertops and the table. You can do this with a good sponge or a high-quality microfiber cloth. A gentle all-purpose cleaner will do or you can look for a solution that’s made specifically for your countertop material. 


Wipe spills and smudges from faucets and refrigerator handles. Make sure your stovetop is free of any cooking spills. Take a quick glance around the kitchen for any spots that can be quickly wiped away. Make sure there’s no straggling food or dishes that you’ve missed. 


If you have a garbage disposal, you should run it every night to avoid attracting bugs. Put all disposal-friendly food scraps down the drain and run the disposal with water until it’s empty. This is a good time to also wipe down the sides of your sink.


If you compost, take your compostable waste out to your bin. Otherwise, take your trash to an outdoor receptacle. This is helpful in avoiding insects like fruit flies and ants, especially in the summer. 


Lastly, depending on the type of floor you have, mop or vacuum it. You can spot mop in between mopping the entire floor. However, vacuuming is helpful if it’s performed daily, especially if you have allergies or a lot of traffic in and out. 


Once you get this easy routine down, you’ll speed right through it. You’ll wake each morning to a clean, spotless kitchen. Your neat and tidy space will give you a rewarding and refreshing start to your busy day.

Periodic Kitchen Disinfecting

Between hosting mealtimes and just providing a space to hang out, it’s no wonder that the kitchen is probably the dirtiest, germiest room in your house. Your countertops, cabinet handles, and doorknobs are likely hosts to countless bacteria. This makes it essential to keep your kitchen cleaned to eliminate these germs and keep your family healthy. 


You can use several methods to disinfect your kitchen like we do it here in the Salt Lake City area. Bleach mixture, disinfectant wipes, or natural germ-killing solutions can all be effective. The most important factor is the frequency and thoroughness of your disinfecting. 


Your specific needs will dictate how often you choose to disinfect. Is someone in your home immunocompromised? Is it cold and flu season? Do you seem to have a constant stream of visitors in your home? All of these factors can help you determine if you need to tackle germs every day or once a week or so.


It’s important to remember to wipe down all high-touch surfaces when disinfecting. Many of these spots are often overlooked. Drawer pulls, appliance handles, and light switches are all common breeding grounds for germs. Also, don’t forget faucet handles, soap dispensers, and stove knobs that are also handled often but easily forgotten. 


Less frequently, you’ll want to wipe down your entire kitchen with your choice of disinfectant. This includes all countertops, refrigerator shelves, and the inside of your sink. You can even choose to mop your floors for the ultimate germ-free clean. 

The Deeper Salt Lake City Kitchen Clean

Every once in a while, your kitchen needs a deeper clean. This is a much more time-consuming task. 2 Local Gals is here to help you by making sure your kitchen gets the best clean possible. Whether your lifestyle demands weekly cleans, bi-weekly cleans, or cleaning only once a month, we’re here to make sure you have the spotless kitchen you deserve.


Our company was founded by two single moms local to Salt Lake City. We know first-hand how tough it is to keep a home clean while raising a family. We also know how day to day life can wreak havoc on the cleanliness of your kitchen. We have the experience to tackle each kitchen and create a clean and pristine atmosphere. 


2 Local Gals cleaning crews truly care about your happiness and satisfaction. We approach each kitchen as if it were our own. Great care is made to ensure your home is well cared for while it is thoroughly cleaned. Our years of experience have given us the opportunity to develop well-honed techniques and practices. 


We have a method to make sure every nook and cranny of your kitchen is spotless. We’ll address your kitchen’s unique needs and make sure it’s glistening and clean. Our service is here to help you create a kitchen to make your life easier and that you can be proud of. We guarantee our work and won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with your service. 

Consistent Organization

One of the best ways of keeping a kitchen tidy is having consistent and quality organization systems. Luckily, the 2 Local Gals organization service is ready and eager to help you get organized. Let us help you create a system that works for you that you’ll be likely to stick with long term. Our experienced team is ready to tackle even the biggest challenges. 


Is your pantry an embarrassing jungle of cans and dry goods? Are your cabinets in complete disarray? Many people have no idea where to start organizing their kitchens, and that’s okay. We can help you make sense of the mess and tackle your clutter. 


An organized kitchen will help you keep it consistently clean. You’re more likely to put things away when everything has a place. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly find the items you need when you need them. No more shuffling through the back of a drawer for that seldomly used cooking tool. Your kitchen will be more harmonious and you will be able to enjoy it with less stress once it’s well organized. 

The Best Kitchen Cleaning Method That We Use Here In Salt Lake

A thorough kitchen cleaning is best to start with a clutter-free kitchen that allows access to all surfaces. The dishwasher will be loaded and all counters will be cleared. After that, a more accessible clean can begin. We have often found that the best method of cleaning a kitchen is from the top down. 


This practice allows the most meticulous cleaning of all surfaces in the kitchen. Working around the room from the tops of the cabinets to the floors ensures that no surface is missed or overlooked. It also makes sure each step is done to completion before moving on to the next. 


Inevitably dust is going to fall as shelves, lighting, and appliance and cabinet tops are cleaned. Working downwards ensures that dust is completely removed in the next step. In the end, any loose dust and debris will have landed on the floor where we will thoroughly remove it at the end of our clean. 

Brightening Kitchen Lighting

A well-illuminated kitchen looks clean and bright. Your kitchen lighting is an essential part of your space. It both brightens work spaces and creates the atmosphere of the room. It’s important that your lighting is clean so it can function properly and look its very best. 


Many overhead kitchen light fixtures collect stubborn dust. They often have globes and other components that collect layers of debris. This can be unsightly and even has the potential to fall into your meal. We will remove this annoying dust so your light fixtures are clear and shining. 


Even though recessed lighting faces downward, it can still collect the dust particles floating in the air. A dirty bulb can produce less light, giving you a dimmer kitchen. We can clean the bulb as well as the trim around it so your lighting can shine to its full potential.


The ceiling fan that’s used to the kitchen can also get covered in dust that has the potential to blow around the room. We will make sure the fan is completely cleaned. This includes both the fan blades and the tough to clean fixture. 

Spotless Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplash

Cabinets and backsplash can suffer from everything from food splatters to fingerprint marks. These can quickly accumulate and lead to less than stellar looking surfaces. 2 Local Gals is relentless at making sure your cabinets and backsplash can shine to their full potential. 


Cleaning kitchens all around Salt Lake City has given us the experience to deal with all types of materials, so whether your cabinets are a detailed Amish wood or a sleek laminate, we will make sure to thoroughly clean them in the proper way. Your doors and drawers will be carefully wiped clean, along with the framing between them.


Backsplashes can be a tough area to keep clean. We are meticulous about making sure they are completely spotless, including grout lines. Taking special care behind appliances and in corners, we ensure that every inch of your backsplash is free of food or debris. 

Dust-Free Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are known dust collectors. The coils, cords, and vents are prime hiding spots for dust bunnies. We can ensure that this dust is removed, even in the spots that you can’t see. Our service will make sure that every nook and cranny of your appliances are tidy so they can keep working in tip-top shape.


The top of the refrigerator often gets ladled with dust, but that’s not the only place that dust settles. The coils underneath the fridge can also suffer from layers of dust accumulating on them. This dust can cause the performance of your refrigerator to suffer and increase energy usage. 


We will ensure that the entire exterior surface of your refrigerator is dust-free, including the bottom. We can also wipe down the interior of the fridge so it’s cleaned and free of spills and crumbs. The front of your fridge will also be wiped down and polished to a shine. 


Ranges also suffer from the same barrage of dust bunnies. Crumbs and scraps of food often find their way underneath. We’ll make sure that underneath your range is free of this pest attracting debris. 


Stovetops are often the site of the most spills and messes in the whole kitchen The top of your stove will be cleaned according to its specific needs. Your flat top will shine or your gas range will be free of crumbs between the burners. We’ll be sure that your stove is perfectly clean and ready to prepare your next meal.


Overfilled casseroles and baking sheet drips can cause a mess in the inside of your oven. We can remove these tough to clean stains that cause smoke-filled ovens during baking. We’ll make sure spatters are removed from oven doors and windows and that the outside surface is gleaming. 


Your microwave is a handy cooking tool. Because of the speed and convenience, many users fail to clean up after themselves. By removing inside splatters and wiping the door and handles, we’ll make sure your microwave is clean, both inside and out.


Your small kitchen appliances need attention too. They are often used more frequently and need a thorough cleaning. These items often see more spills and build-up than your large appliances. 


Coffee makers are often put to work every day. A good cleaning cycle can ensure the best performance and consistent tasting cup of joe. Your coffee maker should be cleaned to your manufacturer’s specifications to keep it working correctly. 


Toasters can quickly fill up with crumbs and loose bagel seeds. We can make sure your toaster is free of debris. The outside will also be cleaned to eliminate food stains and fingerprints. 


Difficult cracks an crevices can make blenders tough to clean. Your morning smoothie can drip into these and will remain there without a thorough cleaning. We can get into these difficult to clean spaces and make sure none of this residue remains. 

Removing Tough Kitchen Grime

Anyone that cooks with oil knows that your kitchen can quickly be covered in a layer of tough grime. 2 Local Gals understands how frustrating this is and can help you eliminate this stubborn problem. We can make sure every surface in your kitchen, high and low is free of grime. 


Our experience has helped us find effective ways to cut through this grime. We can make sure your range hood is spotless and shining. Our team will eliminate the grime that settles on kitchen shelves and the tops of cabinets. This prevents the layer of stickiness that will attract and hold dust to your surfaces. 

Streak-free Kitchen Windows

You should be able to enjoy the view from your kitchen as you prep dinner. Unfortunately, dirty, streaky windows can prevent this. 2 Local Gals can give you the elusive, gleaming windows that you desire. 


We will make sure your windows are clean inside and out. Your windows will be polished so that no spots or streaks remain. The trim of your windows will be wiped clean. We will make sure to dust and wipe all of your window frames for the most thorough clean. 

Gleaming Kitchen Sinks and Fixtures

One of the last steps in cleaning a kitchen should be the sink. Even though it’s constantly being pelted with soap and water, your sink can quickly lose its shine and luster. We’ll also clean all of the fixtures and faucet to a glistening shine. 


Your sink sees its fair share of food scraps and dumped liquids. These can quickly add up to stubborn stains. We’ll remove these from the inside of the sink until it’s blemish-free.


A light abrasive may be used to restore your sink’s shine. This eliminates any build-up that dulls the surface. The faucets and handles will also be wiped clean and polished until they are gleaming. 


Believe it or not, cabinet fixtures make a huge impact on your kitchen. Often overlooked, dirty handles and pulls can make a kitchen look grimy. We’ll clean your cabinet fixtures until they sparkle and make your kitchen shine. 

Sparkling Kitchen Floors

Lastly, your kitchen floor will be meticulously cleaned. Whatever the material of your floors, we’ll clean it appropriately. Great care will be taken to guarantee that the floor is cleaned without any damage. 


We’ll vacuum or dry mop the floor to rid the area of dust and debris. Then, we’ll mop the floor according to the best method for the material. We will also use any polish or wax that’s appropriate. Any throw rugs will be cleaned and put back in their locations. 

Enjoying Your Sparkling Kitchen

When your cleaning crew leaves, they will leave your kitchen clean and spotless. You’ll come home to a gleaming space, knowing that you received a thorough clean. It will give you the motivation to keep your kitchen’s cleanliness maintained until our next visit. 


Your kitchen should be a place where you bond with family over meals and share with friends. You should be able to focus on trying new recipes and hosting dinner parties. The stress of keeping your kitchen clean shouldn’t stand in the way of that. 


The goal of 2 Local Gals is to provide you with a service that gives you an opportunity to enjoy your Salt Lake City kitchen. We want you to be able to spend time with friends and family making memories in your kitchen, not cleaning it. We would love to give you some of your free time back so you can relax and de-stress.

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