The In-Depth Guide on How We Clean a Living Room Here in Salt Lake

Your living room is likely a bustling hub of activity. From hosting friends and family it may see more visitors than any other room in your home. Many evenings are spent relaxing and kicking back in the space.


An unclean, dusty living room can take the fun out of hosting. Clutter and messy surfaces can make kicking back on your couch less than relaxing. A dirty living room can take the space from serene to stressful.


Keeping your living room clean can be stressful and time-consuming. 2 Local Gals cleaning crews have been making living rooms shine all over Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front for years. We would be happy to tackle yours and make it the clean retreat that it’s meant to be. 

Reasons to Have Your Living Room Cleaned

Having your living room professionally cleaned can make a significant difference. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the level of clean our teams are able to achieve. Our services can help save you a lot of precious time and help you reduce your stress levels.  

Save Valuable Time

We know you have a busy schedule. Between work and errands, not to mention family obligations, cleaning can get pushed to the back burner. It’s frustrating to have to spend precious evening and weekend time cleaning instead of relaxing. 


Think of all the time you spend dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning windows. Having your living room professionally cleaned gives you that valuable time back. Our team can tackle the task of getting your living room in tip-top shape.

Get the Very Best Clean

At 2 Local Gals, our years of experience have made us experts in getting the very best clean. Let us use our knowledge and skills to make sure your living room is the cleanest it’s ever been. We clean deeply and thoroughly to make sure no spot gets overlooked. 


Our experience has also helped us find the best cleaning solutions for every type of job and material. We also use professional-level tools to ensure the best performance. We’ll bring everything we need to get your living room meticulously clean with us to your home. 


We are even happy to tailor your cleaning service to your preferences. If you are looking for certain fragrances or eco-friendly products, we’ll be glad to use those. We are also trained at deep disinfection practices if eliminating germs is your priority. 

Reduce Stress 

Does unexpected company give you stress and anxiety? Do you worry about inviting visitors into your living room because it’s unclean? Stop dreading the drop-by and let us keep your living room ready for hosting. 


Having a clean space has been proven to reduce stress. Clutter and visible dust can be overwhelming. It’s impossible to enjoy your much-needed downtime when you’re distracted by your unclean room. 


A neat and tidy living room makes it easier for you to kick back and relax. Our services will give you a space that you can be proud of and enjoy unwinding in after a long day. 

Our Living Room Cleaning Method


Over the years, 2 Local Gals has perfected our living room cleaning method. Having worked in a variety of homes around Salt Lake City, we’ve seen it all! This experience gives us the expertise to clean your living room thoroughly and completely.

Eliminating Dust

Dust is frustrating and stubborn. It gets everywhere and is nearly impossible to get rid of completely. Our team has methods to eliminate as much dust as possible from your home so you can breathe easier and have a pure fresh space. 


First, we tackle the tops of door frames and the areas high on walls where dust seems to gather. Using tools to reach even the highest places, like ceiling fans and light fixtures, we make sure no dust remains lurking overhead. Going around the perimeter of the room, we ensure that walls and ceilings are dust-free. 


We meticulously work our way around the room, dusting any wall art or picture frames. Our team will make sure to handle your items with care while keeping them free of dust.


Electronics are serious dust magnets. Our cleaning crew will carefully ensure that they are thoroughly dusted. Entertainment centers will receive special attention. Each shelf and cabinet is wiped completely clean.


Dust can sneak onto a surprising number of places. We will make sure lamps, fireplaces, and any other fixtures are dust-free. By using attachments, our vacuums can help us get the dust out of even the toughest to reach places.    

Creating Streak-Free Windows

Dirty windows can dull an entire room. Let us get your windows perfectly clean so you can enjoy the view from your living room. We will make sure your glass is polished to a streak-free shine! 


We will carefully clean your windows to ensure the frames are clean. Working diligently, we will get into every nook and crevice until no dust or dirt remains. We will also dust clean your window treatments like accordion blinds or plantation shutters. 


Your glass will be cleaned thoroughly until it’s gleaming. Our cleaning crews use only the best supplies to create clear and shining windows without any lingering lint. The window sills and trim will be wiped down also. 


Occasionally, the exterior of your windows or skylights may need to be cleaned. Our window cleaning service can make sure the outside of your windows also shine. Together with visits from your regular cleaning crew, a routine window washing schedule can ensure that both your exterior and interior glass remains clean.

Cleaning Upholstery


The living room couch and chairs are notorious for harboring dirt. Everything from the popcorn from last week’s movie night to spare change can be found hiding the sofa cushions. We will deeply clean your upholstery to make sure you can relax on clean furniture. 


We will remove any cushions and pillows to make sure we can clean your couch thoroughly. Vacuuming under and in between cushions ensures that your furniture gets as clean as possible. Using upholstery cleaning attachments, we’ll vacuum your cushions to remove dust, dirt, and pesky pet hair. 


If you have leather furniture, we will wipe it down with the appropriate cleaner. Great care will be taken to ensure that no scratches or rips occur during our visit. 

Spotless Floors

2 Local Gals has had experience with a huge variety of flooring surfaces. Your floors will be carefully cleaned wall to wall according to their material. We won’t stop until your floors look their very best. 


If you have carpet, we will thoroughly vacuum it, using attachments to get right up to the baseboards. Our powerful vacuums can remove dust and debris that settles deep into the carpet fibers. We will make sure to get under and behind all of your furniture for the best clean.


Hard flooring will be swept and cared for according to the material. We know how to care for everything from tile and stone to wood and laminate. We’ll be sure that your floor looks great and is meticulously clean. 


Area rugs will also be carefully cleaned. We will either thoroughly vacuum them or take them outside to be shaken free of dust. The area under the rug will also be cleaned. 


Does your carpet occasionally need a little extra TLC? Normal wear and tear can cause staining that can make the carpet look dingy. Your busy living room likely sees a fair share of food spills or muddy feet.


Our carpet cleaning surface can bring new life to your living room carpet. By removing stains and odors, your carpet will look and smell fresh and clean. We even have pet neutralizer to get rid of stubborn odors that can linger from unfortunate accidents. This service can rejuvenate your carpet so your cleaning crew can truly get it as clean as possible during their routine visits.

High-Touch Surfaces

Think about how many people touch the doorknobs in your home. How often do you mindlessly flip on a lightswitch or change the TV channel with unwashed hands? These high-touch surfaces are often overlooked by many people when cleaning. 


We can carefully clean these surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria. Handles, doorknobs, and light switches will all be wiped down. Devices like remote controls and video game controllers can also be expertly cleaned. 

Scheduling Your Routine Visits


We know that everyone’s demands and lifestyles vary. We will work with you to find the best schedule for your cleaning. Our team can also help you decide how often you need your cleaning crew to visit. 


Do you prefer to have a freshly clean living room for the weekends? We are happy to schedule your cleaning for later in the week so your home is prepped for hosting weekend guests. However, you may choose to schedule your cleaning at the beginning of each week to freshen it up from the weekend. 


Some families are extremely busy with bustling homes. We are happy to visit more often to keep your active living room in tip-top shape. We can even adjust your cleaning schedule to come more frequently during times of increased activity like during the holidays or summer break. 


Preparing for Our Visit

Our 2 Local Gals cleaning crew will arrive at your home, eagerly prepared to give your living room the best cleaning. There are a few small things that you can do prior to their visit to have your home ready. This ensures that our crew can come in and get straight to work. 


If you aren’t going to be home during our visit, providing us with a contact person and phone number during your cleaning is helpful. This allows our crew someone to reach out to should any questions arise. It’s also helpful to communicate any special requests or information prior to our visit or when we arrive. 


Remove any items from the space that you don’t want to be cleaned or dusted. Let us know if there are any off-limits areas you would like your crew to respect. 2 Local Gals wants you to feel comfortable with our crews in your home. We want you to know that we will accommodate your preferences and respect your space. 

Taking the Stress Out of Hosting

Don’t let the stress of cleaning dampen your hosting duties. We can schedule a special visit to help you get ready for that big event. Whether it’s a cocktail party with a huge group or small game night, we can get your living room ready for your gathering.


From the menu to the playlist, hosting a great event comes with lots of prep and decisions. Let our crew take the guesswork out of getting your space ready so you can focus on entertaining. We will make sure your living room is spotless and ready to be shown off to your guests. 


Entertaining can be downright exhausting. Cleaning up may be the last thing you want to do the day after an event. Let our crew take care of the clean up so you can focus on recuperating and reflecting on the fun.  

Maintaining Your Clean Space

Is your living room littered with piles of books and magazines? Are movies and video games tumbling out of unorganized cabinets? Without a good system, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a neat and tidy space. Luckily, 2 Local Gals has a solution for you.


Our home organization service can help you make sense of your living room madness. Our experts can get your clutter in order and create a system that you can maintain. We can also help you get rid of unused items just taking up space. When all of your living room items have a designated home, it makes it much easier to put them away and keep an orderly space.  

Our Guarantee

2 Local Gals takes immense pride in our work. As a local business, the happiness of our customers means the world to us. We want you to be thrilled with your cleaning service when we leave your home.


Founded in 1999 by two hard-working mothers, we know that our success is determined by the quality of our services. We worked hard to gain experience and fine-tune our methods. In turn, we also hire employees with the same dedication to improving and growing as cleaning experts.


That being said, we know that occasionally there is an issue with a job. We are continually learning and see these opportunities as a chance to gain more knowledge and experience. Let us know immediately if you are less than happy with your results. 


Let us know within 24 hours and we’ll make it right. Free of charge, our cleaning crew will correct any issue that occurred. We will work diligently to make sure you’re satisfied with your results every single time. 

Your Clean Living Room


We will be glad to make your living room a source of pride for you. 2 Local Gals knows how important it is to have a space you can truly enjoy. Our cleaning crew will treat your space as they would their very own.


Your clean living room will be an ideal place to unwind after a busy workday. It will be a perfect setting to host visitors, even if they are unexpected. 2 Local Gals is dedicated to meticulously cleaning your living room so you can spend your time kicking back and relaxing in it.

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