The In-Depth Guide on How We Clean Bathrooms in Salt Lake City


Bathrooms are likely some of the most used rooms in your home or office. It’s often likely one of the germiest and quickest to get dirty. It’s important to your health and sanity to make sure it’s kept clean and sanitized as possible. 


Your home’s master bathroom should be a retreat. You’ll want a clean space to freshen up and start your day on the right foot. A tidy bathroom can give you a peaceful place to relax after a long day. 


Your guest bathrooms should be areas you are comfortable allowing visitors to use. An unclean restroom can make hosting unexpected visitors stressful. Relax in knowing that you have a clean bathroom that guests can use when they stop-by.


Your office or workplace’s bathrooms are a reflection of the pride you take in creating a clean work environment. Regular cleaning and disinfecting helps to prevent the spread of germs and keeps employees healthier. Visitors and customers will also be impressed with a fresh and tidy restroom. 


Our cleaning company, 2 Local Gals, has many years of experience cleaning residential and commercial bathrooms and making them completely spotless. We take great pride in leaving your restrooms as clean as possible. We will go above and beyond to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our ability to get the job done right, on time, every time.


Over the years, we’ve developed many techniques to ensure we leave our client’s bathrooms as clean as possible. Our process has evolved with our growing business and it ensures that no area gets neglected. Our experience and dedication has helped us develop a top to bottom approach so you can have a thoroughly clean bathroom to enjoy.

A Customized Clean

We know that every client’s needs are unique. Different workplaces have specific needs depending on the number of employees that access your restrooms. We can help create a customized cleaning plan that meets the demands of your environment.


Your home should be your sanctuary. We want to be sure we clean your restrooms in the specific way you truly love. Everything from your supply and scent preferences will be taken into account when we work with you to develop the technique we will use in your home. 

Flexible Scheduling

Making your cleaning schedule convenient for you is a top priority of ours. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred schedule. 


Would you like your bathrooms cleaned before a weekend of hosting? Do you prefer to start the workweek with fresh, clean restrooms? We will also work with you to determine the optimal day of the week for your cleaning.


We know that many clients may need cleaning more frequently than others. We can help guide you in selecting a plan for how often we visit. We can also adjust as necessary, increasing or decreasing our visits as things change. 


At 2 Local Gals, we know fully well that last minute changes happen. We will do our very best to accommodate any scheduling changes you may need. Do you have unexpected company visiting? Did an important meeting just pop onto the office calendar? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to be there to get your bathrooms into tip top condition. 


Our experienced crews are experts in cleaning with minimal interruption to you and your homelife or workday. Your friendly cleaners will work as quietly and as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a quality clean without disrupting your activity. We are happy to discuss what time of day is best for our visit to your home or office. 

Your Cleaning Preferences

We also know that cleaning preferences vary. We want to make sure the way we clean your space is customized to your liking. Your preferences will be kept in mind and we will make the best cleaning choices for you as an individual. 


Many people are increasingly leaning towards greener cleaning products. At 2 Local Gals, we are EcoLogo certified. This gives us the unique expertise to use eco-friendly cleaning products safely. We are committed to providing the best clean possible with minimal environmental impact.


We know that some cleaning products can have strong smells that can be off putting to sensitive noses. Our team will work with you to find the best possible scents and smells for your preferences.


We know that deep disinfecting is very important to many clients. Our team can use the strongest disinfectants to create a germ-free environment. We can ensure that your bathroom is safe for shared usage, especially in work environments. 

Preparing for Our Visit

We will arrive on time to clean your bathroom and bring everything to complete the job thoroughly with us. However, there are a few ways you can help prepare your bathroom for our visit.


  • Provide a contact number and person you would like us to touch base with or to ask questions.
  • Remove any items from countertops that you don’t want cleaned. (i.e. cosmetic containers, shampoo bottles, etc.)
  • Provide “Wet Floor” signage for office bathrooms.
  • Let us know any specific instructions that you would like us to accomodate on that visit. 

High-Quality Tools

What you should expect from a cleaning service in Salt Lake

At 2 Local Gals, we believe in using the best tools for the job. When we clean your bathroom spaces, we will use the highest quality supplies to ensure the deepest clean. We also ensure these tools are in good working order and deeply cleaned between each visit. 


  • Industrial strength vacuums to ensure the highest level of dust elimination.
  • High-quality microfiber cloths to tackle stubborn grime. 
  • Telescopic dusters to make sure the bathroom is clean from top to bottom.
  • Glass cleaning tools for streak-free shine.
  • The best floor mops for your specific bathroom flooring materials. 
  • Any other tools we feel will make your bathroom look and smell its best. 

Tackling The Different Areas of Your Bathroom

Every area of your bathroom is unique, so a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to cleaning the different areas of your residential or commercial bathrooms. Let’s take a close look at how we handle each area of your bathroom.


First, we wipe down the sink and counter area with a damp cloth to remove any dust and debris. The counter surface is thoroughly disinfected and buffed to a shine. 


Your sink is full of the bacteria that’s rinsed from hands that were washed there. We will carefully disinfect all of the sink surfaces to eliminate these germs. Our team is diligent about getting into tough crevices and areas that are prone to dirt build-up like behind faucets and around drains. 


We will clean the drain pipes to make sure sinks are able to drain efficiently. Faucet handles and drain pulls are polished and cleaned thoroughly. We also carefully wipe down any items that sit on your counters like makeup trays and soap dispensers. 


The cabinet and drawer fronts are carefully wiped down to eliminate any dust or fingerprints. We also make sure any hardware is completely cleaned and polished. Any shelves are also dusted and cleaned, removing and replacing items as necessary. 

Shower Area

Your shower head may seem like it’s constantly being cleaned by regular usage right? However, shockingly, it’s one of the dirtiest surfaces in your bathroom. Our crew will begin by cleaning and disinfecting your shower head to eliminate this bacteria. 


Shower tiles can come in a variety of different materials. We will clean your tiles with the correct cleansers and tools to make sure they are cared for like our very own. Our team will make sure your shower tiles are completely wiped down and free of stubborn soap scum. 


Your tile grout is one of the most tedious areas of the bathroom to get clean. Dirt, grime, and debris get lodged in the grout and can be tough to remove. We can make sure your grout is cleaned thoroughly without any risk of damaging it. 


We can use everything from gentle cleansers to steam cleaning to keep your tile grout looking fresh and new. We will gently make sure it’s free of the dirt and mildew that can make it look dingy. Keeping your grout thoroughly cleaned prevents it from becoming permanently stained. 


Our team is diligent in ensuring that your shower is cleaned from top to bottom. We’ll wipe carefully around faucet handles and showerheads. We’ll also make sure the drain is clear of debris and the shower floor is completely clean. 


Shower curtains can see a build up of mold and mildew very quickly. Our expert cleaners know how to eliminate this unsightly problem. By regularly cleaning your shower curtain, our crew will ensure that this build-up doesn’t happen in the future. 


The toilet can potentially be the dirtiest and most germ-ridden fixture of your entire bathroom. Your cleaning crew will meticulously scrub the toilet to make sure it sparkles and shines. They will also make sure to disinfect every hard-to-reach crevice. 


The area behind your toilet seat is one of the toughest to get to. The cracks trap all kinds of nasty residue, making them nearly impossible to get completely clean. Our 2 Local Gals cleaners can attack these stubborn areas and won’t stop until they are immaculate.  


We’ll clean the sides and toilet seat as well as the inside of the bowl. We’ll wipe down the tank and lid to get rid of any dust. Our cleaners will use our high-quality toilet brushes to attack any tough grime lurking inside the rim of the bowl. 



A lot of cleaning companies will often overlook this important step when cleaning commercial bathrooms. 2 Local Gals knows that germs and dirt can be everywhere. We make sure the walls of the stalls in your bathrooms are cleaned in much the same manner that any other fixture would be cleaned. 


We will wipe down the inside and outside of stall doors. We will also be sure to thoroughly disinfect locks and handles. We’ll make sure the hinges and tops of the stall walls aren’t harboring any dust. 


Looking forward to a relaxing bubble bath? Want a safe, germ-free place to bathe your kiddos? We can make sure your bathtub is perfectly clean for bath time.  


We will clean your bathtub thoroughly from end to end. Our team is trained to tackle the areas around faucets and drains where debris tends to get stuck. We also make sure the areas around grout lines are thoroughly cleaned. 


Your tub walls will be wiped to a sparkling shine. We’ll make sure the bottom of the tub is perfectly clean. Our team will also check and clear the drain to ensure that water can flow smoothly.  

Bathroom Ventilation

The exhaust fan in your bathroom is there to help remove excess moisture and odors when you’re taking a bath or shower. If the bathroom ventilation system is dirty, then that build-up of dirt will decrease the effectiveness of how much air the fan can move.


Our cleaning staff knows to also clean the exhaust fan to make sure you get the necessary airflow that your bathroom needs. Removing the cover, all the dust will be thoroughly removed. We will make sure your bathroom fan is running efficiently and quietly. 

Toiletries and Linens


We can restock your toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. We also refill the soap dispensers to make sure your family members, employees, and customers always have soap which they can use to wash their hands before leaving the bathroom.

Bathroom Floor

We like to clean the floor as the last step of our bathroom cleaning process. We will use the most appropriate method for your flooring type. Based on your requests, we will remove all dust and dirt and disinfect the surface thoroughly. Our mopping techniques ensure that your floor is completely clean from wall to wall.


If we’re cleaning a bathroom in a commercial property, then we’ll put out the wet floor sign to make sure your coworkers and customers are extra careful when entering the bathroom. For residential jobs, we’ll make sure any throw rugs are removed, cleaned, then carefully put back into their proper place. 

High Touch Surfaces

Many surfaces in the bathroom are often overlooked. However, these are usually the surfaces that need cleaned the most. We take care to disinfect each of these surfaces so your entire bathroom can be as germ-free as possible. 


Light switches and doorknobs are touched by each person that comes in and out of the bathroom. The toilet handle is also a host to thousands of germs. We make sure to diligently wipe down these high-touch surfaces to eliminate this bacteria. 

Wrapping Up

After we have cleaned the bathroom, we take out the trash and inspect the bathroom for anything that we may have missed the first time around. We make sure everything is in its proper place. We also check to see that towels are neatly folded and the bathroom smells fresh and clean. 


2 Local Gals is happy to guarantee our work. We stay behind our services and won’t hesitate to correct any issues you may have as quickly as possible. Our goal is to clean your bathroom, and the rest of your space, to a level of clean that exceeds your expectations.

Keeping Your Bathroom Organized

Bathroom cleaning salt lake city

Are your cluttered bathroom cabinets screaming for attention? Are towels tumbling from your overstuffed linen closet? The trick to keeping these storage areas neat is a good organization system.


Our professional home organization team is ready to help you get your bathroom storage in order. We can help you create a system so that all of the belongings in your bathroom have a designated home. This will help you maintain order and organization, making your bathroom a more serene and peaceful space. 


Cosmetics and beauty products can be thrown in a drawer, creating an organized mess. Let our team create a system to store these products. We will help you purge expired and unused items so you can find what you need more easily. This order will help make prepping for your day less hectic and more enjoyable. 


We can help you tackle that overfilled linen closets. Sorting through old linens and getting rid of unused ones will free up valuable shelf space. This will give us a chance to create a neat and organized closet so you can find what you need more quickly. 

Final Recap


2 Local Gals has been proudly cleaning bathrooms across Salt Lake City for years. During this time, we have discovered the best techniques and products for the deepest clean. Our hard-working cleaning crews have been making area bathrooms gleam since 1999.


We would love to provide our thorough cleaning services to make your bathroom sparkle and shine. We are dedicated to providing the most meticulous clean and creating happy clients. We will treat your bathroom as our own and make sure it’s fresh, clean, and free of germs and bacteria. Let us provide you with a free estimate and show you how we can make your bathroom as space you can be proud of. 


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